August 25, 2016 Party Working Committee

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High temperature and heat, the union set off a "cooling action"



Summer heat, heat intolerable. In this warm summer, in order to thank the hard work of employees to pay, and practice the "people-oriented" corporate culture, with the strong support of the higher trade unions, the company united administrative departments, for the Safewell family sent Sprite, Coke Cold drinks and fruit, together with the domestic companies, will be rich in minerals, "positive energy" mineral water to the hands of family members, after the staff can also enjoy the national standard subsidies to high temperature.

    Distribution center, the staff of the administrative center of the more than 500 boxes of goods neatly put the organization, the various departments in an orderly manner to receive cooling benefits, to receive the benefits of cool colleagues have forgotten the hot summer, joy filled the heart. Happiness, colleagues have recalled the company's changes, "as the company's continuous development, the company's welfare more and more, our working and living conditions have improved," a colleague laments.

  "One hard, hard one," the company's rapid development is inseparable from the efforts of staff, Safewell this rising platform is also constantly create better working and living conditions for employees, so that employees feel at home, truly integrated into this large Family.

   Over the years, Safewell of the staff's care has always been the same, women's day, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, Thanksgiving evening, warm birthday party and the annual banquet, there are passionate sports ..... every important festivals or Moment, the company will carry out a variety of interesting activities for the staff to send warm gifts and blessings. At the same time the company also for the difficulties of staff in a timely manner to provide help and staff to provide canteens, fitness establishments, cafes and other leisure facilities, from time to time the organization staff travel, Safewell in the future large park, is the staff to eat, The company with a nuanced action, always practice the "people-oriented" concept, to create a healthy and harmonious Safewell family.


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Party branch organization Party member study "two learn one to do"



Recently, under the leadership of the Party Committee of the higher level, the party branch of the company organized all the 32 members in the book to carry out the "party rules and regulations, the series of speeches, do qualified party members" and "two learning a do" learning activities, The Communist Party of China "," the Chinese Communist Party honesty and self-discipline "," the Chinese Communist Party disciplinary rules "and" Xi Jinping series of important speech reading "and other learning materials.

During the activity, Comrade Wang Lei, secretary of Party Branch, explained the general requirements of "two learnings and one work" and stressed that "two learnings and one doing" is an important practice to strengthen the education and management requirements of party members and the inner-party education. To carry out the "two learning one to do", based in school, the key to doing. "Learning" to take the problem of learning, "do" to do for the problem, and continue to improve.

Learning and education is not a one-off activity. We must persistently and objectively solve the problem and work hard to grasp the truth and truly grasp the party's ideological and political construction in daily life and in the regular work.

In order to better carry out the study, combined with the actual work, the branch secretary Wang Lei will "learn one to do" learning and education programs and other information printed to each party member hands, emphasizing the combination of individual self-learning and centralized learning . It is necessary to organize discussion and study regularly, to contact with the reality of personal ideological work and life, to see whether they can stick to the tenets of the faith and belief of the Communists in the face of new tasks and new tests, and correctly handle public and private interests, righteousness and interests, individuals and organizations, Whether the efforts to pursue noble morality, to take the lead in the implementation of the socialist core values, to maintain a positive and healthy way of life, can consciously do party rules and regulations in front of fear and abide by the rules, whether physical good mental state, Act as. Through study and discussion, to really raise awareness, find the gap, clear direction, reflect the advanced nature of party members, vanguard role model.



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